Tuesday, January 27, 2015

18 Months of Lessons

Psalms 127:3
Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him

18 months ago God blessed me and my husband with a treasure! Noah Robert. In his 18 months of life he has taught me more about what it means to trust God then anyone. He has challenged me, stretched me, filled my heart with love and given me so much joy my bucket is overflowing!

Yesterday we had a snowy day and I felt like it was the perfect time to document the life of an 18 Month old. As I was editing them I could help but think about how these pictures also document all that he has taught me. 

1. Life is all about the perspective you choose to see it in!

So many times I have taken a situation as a mom and have seen two options. I can either use it to bring joy or sorrow. The funny thing about motherhood is once you think you have figured it out these little ones change it. Everyday has its battles, smiles and tears but everyday brings a blessing. 

2. Your children are not yours to entrust to God : They are Gods & he has entrusted them to you!

So many times as parents we pray "God I put them in your hands." But I think we have it wrong. What if we changed our mind set and said "God I thank you that they are yours" 

 We ran into some minor health problems with Noah when he was 6 months old. As a mom I don't think it matters how small the issue is. When a doctor saids somethings wrong with your baby you shatter inside!
I remember praying and saying " God how can you do this to my baby? " As clear as day I hear back 
" He is not yours he is mine, I have entrusted him to you. " and it hit me. If I love this baby with all my life how can I doubt Gods love for him. I know in hindsight  my experience is minimal but my eyes were opening to what it means to be a parent! 

It means having complete faith in God to guide you, Teach you, grow you. Whenever there is a trial question or dispute it can be answered through prayers and faith.

3. Life is better when you take it on full force

If you asked me to describe Noah in one word I think I would choose ADVENTUROUS! His birth was filled with adventure and everyday since then has been. He takes life to the max and is ready everyday to explore. He has taught me there is a whole lot of life outside of my comfort zone. 

He is a boy through and through. Loving the outdoors and all the adventure, freedom and excitement it brings! 

I can't wait to experience the next lesson he teaches me as he grows from a toddler to a little boy!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Nardi Kids

Meet the fab four or known to the world as The Nardi Kids!

Jon, Lauren, Claire and Jake!

Growing up in a family with four kids is one filled with love, forever friends and adventure! I should know I'm the 2nd or four and I never hated it. I loved how Mom and Dad got a whole shoot of the kids! Who says a photoshoot after Christmas and in the middle of the winter is crazy! 

The girls! 
Lauren and Claire! Sisters are the best gift God can ever give a girl. She is a forever friend. One day they will be wives, and mothers together. Calling each other for advice or just to laugh about the joys of the season of life they are in!

The Boys!
Jon and Jake! Brothers the only guy who is allowed to make fun of you without getting beat up! Your number one competition and coach. I imagine one day these boys laughing about the crazy things they did together to scare their mom half to death!

Nardi Family!
I hope you love these pictures and treasure them forever!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Feeney Family!

Meet the Feeney Family!!

This beautiful family fought the cold Friday and dug thier feet into the snow to get some family pictures! Their frozen toes and red noses were all worth it, because we were able to get some stunning shots

The sun was perfect and the models were gorgeous! I could not have asked for a better combo. 

Sophia, Monica and Mikey are probably the most photogenic bunch! All of them looking flawless and adorable in there own way! 

But are you surprised look at their beautiful mom and dad! I don't think I got 1 bad picture of this bunch! 

Thank you Feeney Family for letting me document this year in your life! Can't wait to take more of the Family!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Introducing Blake!

Little Blake was born earlier this month. He is a sweet little bundle of Joy! He boycotted his usual afternoon nap to stay awake and say hi to me. But thats ok we still were able to get a few gems of this little man!

Blake's mom April is on beautiful mom. She is one of those "are you sure you JUST had a baby?" I mean look at how stunning she is! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Clements Family

Meet the Clements Family

Jim, Amy, Hailey, Ava, Quinn and Reagan! Make up this beautiful Family of 6!

It was a cold "smells like snow" afternoon. But you would never tell by the smiles on their faces.

We found a cute little nook of Springton Manor in Downingtown to shoot. The trees may be bear now but they still served as a beautiful background.

I love that this family has 4 beautiful girls. Growing up in a family with three, I can imagine the days when they are older and best friends. Becoming wives together, moms and so on. It is a true joy to have sisters. What lucky girls they are! 

Jim and Amy! Thank you for letting me capture your family! I hope you love your pictures!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Randy & Lexi: Maternity

Meet Randy and Lexi!

This adorable couple is due to welcome their sweet princess into the world late February! 

This beautiful maternity shoot took place at Wolf Hollow National Park in Atglen Pa! The sun was PERFECT and the scenary was breath taking! 

Add in a beautiful mommy to be who is so photogenic that she doesn't even need direction and you have yourself a flawless shoot! 

Their puppy was just as ready for her 15 minutes of fame as mom and dad. How sweet is that Family picture? 

 I had so much fun taking these pictures for you Lexi and Randy! I hope you love them as much as I do! I can't wait to meet your sweet angel!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bill & Kate: Maternity

Meet Billy and Kate Brown

This beautiful couple is going to be welcoming sweet baby girl Shae Justine come February! 

Already you can tell how much this little blessing means to her Mommy and Daddy! 

I had so much fun taking these pictures. Kerr park in Downingtown PA put on a show. With its glowing leaves and beautiful tall trees mixed in with a gorgeous fall day we had the perfect combination for a beautiful Maternity shoot! 

This mama to be is simply GLOWING! She is carrying beautifully and it shining for all the world to see. Kate is already a beautiful mommy. 

              I can't wait to see her blossom when Shae makes her grand entrance into the world!

Thank you Billy and Kate for a fun session! I can't wait to meet your princess in February!